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Empowering Social Studies Teachers for Smarter Balanced Assessment

This unique collaborative statewide training consists of face to face sessions and online work divided over the 2012-13 school year. The focus is on equipping Social Studies teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to create and evaluate assessments that are similar to those being produced by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.
Participants will:
  • Understand depth of knowledge, text complexity, the variety of question types and actual question writing.
  • Help create an item bank of Smarter-Balance-like Social Studies items that will be available state-wide in CLASS A, INFORM, and Data Director.

The audience for this course Grade 3 – High School Social Studies teachers.
Recaps and more information will appear here as they become available

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Face-To-Face Session 1 (Fall)

October Online Work

November Online Work

December Online Work

January-February Online Work

March-April Online Work

In Person Work Session (Not offered in all areas)

Face-To-Face Session 2 (Spring)